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Shipping & Returns

1. Delivery time

Delivery times for standard shipments in Germany is 48 hours, in the European Union 7 working days, and to countries outside the European Union 14 working days.

These delivery times apply for orders which are received before 12 o'clock midday (CET).

The undertaking to ensure delivery times for shipments abroad depends on prompt customs clearance in the receiving country. Force majeure or disruptions to business, such as riots, strikes or lock-outs, that occur on the vendor's side or on the vendor's suppliers' side which, through no fault of the vendor's, temporarily prevent the vendor from delivering the purchased item within the periods specified in items 3.1 and 3.2 shall extend these periods by the duration of these circumstances.

Shipping items Because of their large size or weight, some items are dispatched as shipping items and the carrier shall agree on a short-term delivery date with you.

2. Delivery time information

In the case of an online order, the delivery time for your order will be shown to you in the shopping basket, and in the case of a phone order you will be notified in person by our staff. If you have given us your email address, we will also send you an order confirmation in which you are notified once again of the delivery time. We can also use your email address to send you further helpful information relating to your order in the MTU Shop, for example delivery and return confirmation and free payment reminders.

3. Logistics partner

The items ordered will be packed as quickly as possible by us and handed over to our logistics partner UPS ready for dispatch. Please note that we have no influence on delays which are caused by UPS.

4. Delivery tracking

You can also ascertain the current tracking status of your package at www.ups.de using your package ID number / shipment number. You can obtain further tracking information by email or from our telephone customer support.

5. Shipment costs

The shipment of cigarette lighters abroad entails increased shipment costs.

If, for technical or logistical reasons, multiple shipments are required, we will of course only make a single charge for the shipments.

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

UPS Standard

Calculation Total price
from 0,01 to 32,00 KG EUR 11,67
from 32,01 to 35,00 KG EUR 42,19
from 35,01 to 70,00 KG EUR 84,38
from 70,01 to 105,00 KG EUR 126,57
from 105,01 to 135,00 KG EUR 168,76
from 135,01 to 170,00 KG EUR 209,95
from 999,99 to 1.600,00 KG EUR 900,00
from 1.600,00 KG - No Shipping -

DHL Germany

Calculation Total price
from 0,01 to 10,00 KG EUR 7,71
from 10,01 to 25,00 KG EUR 12,73
from 25,01 to 50,00 KG EUR 25,45
from 54,01 to 100,00 KG EUR 50,90
from 100,01 to 200,00 KG EUR 101,80
from 200,01 to 300,00 KG EUR 152,70
from 300,01 to 400,00 KG EUR 203,60
from 400,00 KG - No Shipping -